The BC COVID-19 Modelling Group works on rapid response modelling of the COVID-19 pandemic, with a special focus on British Columbia and Canada.

The interdisciplinary Group was convened by Caroline Colijn (SFU) and Dan Coombs (UBC) with support from the Pacific Institute for the Mathematical Sciences.


Explore SEIR Models

The #seir_ode channel in our Slack discusses this project. Nils Bruin shared a notebook exploring an SIR epidemeoloyg model with contact tracing. Cedric Chauve shared notebooks exploring SIR models with interverntions.

How is SARS-Cov-2 transmitted person to person?

Paul Tupper proposed this project. The #person2person channel on Slack includes discussion about the effectiveness of face masks at preventing transmission.

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Convening the BC COVID-19 Modelling Group

An email message sent by Dan Coombs on 2020-03-23 convened this Group. Dear Colleagues, This message is going to a group of people, mostly at UBC and SFU, who have expressed an interest (either to me or to Caroline) about working on modelling the current pandemic. Please read carefully and respond (if you have time) when you get to the end. A small group of us have been working with Michael and Naveed at BCCDC to attempt to provide some useful modelling support to their group in response to urgent requests for modelling.

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Real Time Modelling of the 2020 Coronavirus Epidemic

I will talk about mathematical modelling reports from around the world for the emerging novel coronavirus epidemic. I will explain the …

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Meet the Team



Caroline Colijn

Canada 150 Chair, SFU

Infectious Disease Modelling, Computational techniques, Mathematical Biology


Cedric Chauve

Professor of Mathematics, SFU

Computational Biology, Pathogens Bioinformatics, Mathematical Biology


Dan Coombs

Professor, UBC

Infectious disease modelling, Computational techniques, Mathematical Biology



James Colliander

PIMS Director

PDE, Harmonic Analysis, Dynamical systems, Interactive Computing


Ian Allison

PIMS Technology Manager

Computational Methods, Interactive Computing, Technical Support



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